Helping familes who are transitioning a loved one into a long-term healthcare environment.
About Us
Kevin Wedmore is President of Hoosier Senior Solutions ( and also maintains a website dedicated to the VA Aid and Attendance program ( 

Both of these organizations work with seniors to help them understand and cut through the maze of eligibility criteria for these programs.  By working with the client, their family members, their financial advisor, and attorney, we are able to constuct a personalized plan that will protect your assets from the effects of catastrophic long-term healthcare costs.  

Each plan takes into consideration the desires of the applicant, their family members, and state regulations that may limit some forms of planning.  We are conversant in the rules of all states and maintain a database of elder law attorneys to assist those clients who do not have such a relationship.  So, although the word 'Hoosier' is in the title of Hoosier Senior Solutions, we work in all states to help you through this process.

  Kevin Wedmore, President
Hoosier Senior Solutions


Assets generally fall into three categories when applied to the eligibility standards for Medicaid.  These three categories are:


Our goal is to help you understand how simply positioning your current assets into other categories can help you qualify for benefits.  Protecting some of your hard-earned assets may be the difference as to what your retirement looks like after a lengthy stay in a nursing home.  If you have spent down all of your assets, what will you have left to live on?  Will your spouse be able to survive on what is left after they have already lost part of their income due to your Social Security check being eliminated at death?  How will they maintain their standard of living? 

We work with you to answer these questions.  Call us today at 317-564-5056 to see what answers we can provide for you.
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